Going Beyond the LMS

SimpliTrain provides a unified platform that covers every aspect of training and development, making it the ultimate solution for L&D and Training Organizations. Our platform includes the functionalities of a TMS, LMS and LXP to meet our customers’ diverse training needs.

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What is SimpliTrain?

SimpliTrain is a Training Management Platform that provides software and tech support to help manage and deliver better training outcomes. By combining the functionalities of LMS, TMS, LXP, SimpliTrain eliminates the need for multiple systems, simplifying training management.

Your whole Training Ecosystem in One Platform.

SimpliTrain brings together every aspect of your training in one platform. It’s easy to use and gives you a unified view of your training program at every stage. From robust LMS capabilities to comprehensive Training Management features, and LearnOps functionalities, SimpliTrain empowers organizations to efficiently manage and optimize their entire training lifecycle.

Capabilities that matter to build a learning ecosystem.

Empower your organization with indispensable capabilities to create a dynamic learning ecosystem, fostering innovation and fostering long-term growth.

Multi Location Management

Simplify the management of learning operations across diverse locations with our centralized management tools, ensuring seamless coordination and control.

Seamless Customizations

Tailor our learning platform to fit your unique organizational needs and preferences, allowing you to create a personalized and effective learning experience for your teams.


Customize our platform with your brand identity and logo to maintain a consistent and professional appearance, ensuring a unified and branded experience for your learners.

Easy Integration

Integrate our platform effortlessly with your existing systems and applications, enabling a smooth and efficient setup that enhances productivity and collaboration.


Unite Every Aspect of your Training in One Platform

Our platform seamlessly merges with almost any system, streamlining operations and bringing together the diverse facets of your training under one platform.




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Who it's for?

Designed for diverse industries

SimpliTrain’s offers comprehensive training management features bundled at a competitive rate, ideal for L&D and training businesses. Learn how you can efficiently streamline training delivery, elevate employee skills, and maximize learning outcomes effortlessly.

Custom-fit for your needs

Discover the common challenges our customers face and see how SimpliTrain’s comprehensive training solutions can help you overcome them.