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Core Features to Simplify your Training Business



Get the best of both LMS and LXP features with flexible course creation, robust progress tracking, mobile access and personalized learning experiences.

Course Creation

Develop and organize training courses using various multimedia formats, including self-paced, instructor-led, and virtual courses.

Class Enrolment

Manage enrolments, track attendance, and maintain rosters efficiently.

Content Library

Access a repository of pre-built courses and training materials for easy content management and delivery.

Progress Tracking

Monitor learner progress and completion rates to ensure effective learning outcomes.

Mobile Responsive

Provide access to training materials on mobile devices for on-the-go learning.


Issue and manage certifications upon course completion, validating learner achievements.

Personalized Track & Program

Offer personalized learning tracks and programs tailored to individual learner needs and goals.

Blended Learning Management

Blended Learning Management

Seamlessly blend traditional classroom instruction with online learning resources, providing a flexible and comprehensive learning experience.

Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classroom: Offer virtual classes where students can attend lectures, participate in discussions, and collaborate on projects inline. This component allows for ynchronous learning experiences that complement traditional classroom instruction.

Virtual Labs

Provide online simulations, experiments, or virtual environments where students can conduct experiments, practice skills, and apply theoretical knowledge in a safe and controlled setting.

Peer-to-Peer Learning

Peer-to-Peer Learning

Enhance collaboration and knowledge sharing through social learning activities.

Social Learning

Foster collaborative learning environments where learners can interact, share knowledge, and collaborate on projects or assignments.

Mentor Sessions

Provide opportunities for learners to engage in one-on-one or small group sessions with mentors or experienced peers, facilitating personalized learning and knowledge transfer.

Discussion Forums

Host online discussion forums where learners can ask questions, discuss topics, and exchange ideas with peers and instructors outside of class time.

Training Operations Management/LearnOps

Training Operations Management/LearnOps

Optimize training operations with comprehensive management tools and resources.

Course Creation and Management

Develop and manage courses incorporating SCORM-compliant courses and interactive lab activities to enhance learning experiences.

Class Scheduling

Organize and manage class schedules efficiently, ensuring optimal use of time and resources.

Resource Allocation

Manage and allocate resources like trainers/instructors, venues, and materials.

Compliance Tracking

Monitor and track compliance with relevant standards and regulations to ensure adherence and accountability.

Instructor Management

Efficiently manage instructor profiles, along with their schedules, availability times, training calendar etc.

Training Keys

Provide secure access keys for training sessions, ensuring only authorized participants can join.

Content Providers

Integrate with various content providers to offer a wide range of educational materials and resources.

Security and Access

Ensure secure access and authentication for all users, protecting sensitive information and maintaining platform integrity.

Automated Notifications

Utilize automated notifications to keep learners and instructors informed about important updates, deadlines, and events.

Assessment and Evaluations

Assessment and Evaluations

Facilitate comprehensive assessments and gather valuable feedback through surveys to enhance learning outcomes and optimize learning strategies.


onduct quizzes, tests, and assignments to measure student comprehension and progress.


Gather feedback from students, instructors, and stakeholders to assess satisfaction, identify areas for improvement, and enhance the overall learning experience.

AI Test Authoring

Leverage artificial intelligence to streamline test creation processes, enhancing efficiency and accuracy while maintaining assessment quality.

Enterprise Features

Enterprise Features

Enhance scalability, security, and customization with robust enterprise capabilities tailored for diverse organizational needs.

Role-Based Model

Implement a role-based access control system to manage permissions and ensure secure, appropriate access to resources and information.

Multi-Location Management

Efficiently manage multiple locations, ensuring consistent course delivery and resource allocation for every location.

Franchise Management

Support franchise operations with centralized control and local autonomy, optimizing consistency and quality across franchises.

Client Portal Management:

Provide a dedicated client portal for easy access to services, resources, and support, enhancing client engagement and satisfaction.

White-Labelled Solution

Offer customizable branding options, allowing organizations to tailor the platform to their specific brand identity for a seamless user experience.

Loyalty Program

Loyalty Program

Boost engagement and retention with a comprehensive loyalty program that rewards participation and achievement.


Create exclusive clubs to foster community and provide special benefits to loyal members.

Credit Pools

Implement credit pools where learners can earn and redeem credits for various activities and achievements.


Offer coupon pools to provide discounts and incentives, encouraging continued participation and loyalty.

Account Management

Account Management

Streamline billing and invoicing and maintain comprehensive records with integrated management tools.

Courseware History

Maintain detailed records of course enrolments, completions, and content interactions for audit and review purposes.


Generate and manage invoices for courses, services, and other transactions efficiently.


Simplify billing processes with automated systems, ensuring timely and accurate financial management.

More Features

More Features

Enhance platform functionality and user experience with advanced customization, analytics, certifications, and seamless integrations.

Courseware History

Maintain detailed records of course enrolments, completions, and content interactions for audit and review purposes.

Reports & Analytics

Gain insights into learner performance, course effectiveness, and overall platform usage with detailed reports and analytics.


Award digital certificates to learners upon course completion, verifying their achievements and enhancing their professional profiles.

External Storage Accounts

Integrate with external storage solutions for seamless access to additional resources and data management.

LTI (Integrations and Interoperability)

Support Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) standards for easy integration with other educational tools and platforms.

Seamless Integration

Get seamless integration with existing systems and tools for a unified and efficient learning ecosystem.

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